Thematic trail "Forest stories"

Location: Jiului Gorge National Park, 5 km north of Bumbesti Jiu.

This route is designed for children in grades IV-VI, but the beauty of the area satisfies visitors of any age.

The route is 5.8 km long with a medium degree of difficulty and can be completed in 4-5 hours. We recommend appropriate footwear, water and something to nibble on.

Along it, the squirrel Alunița will tell you little secrets about: the life of animals in the beech forest, the meadow and its inhabitants, life in a mountain forest, the formation of “dead wood” and trees with strange shapes, the orchard and the pollination of trees , the traditional household of the locals, the formation of a gorge or how we distinguish trees.

The route in KMZ format can be downloaded by accessing the link below.