Disturbance of the features of Defileul Jiului National Park
Reduce the impact on the wonders of nature! Most of these beauties are formed by decades or centuries of natural processes. Leave the natural, historical and archaeological elements in their place. Collecting, breaking, removing or destroying any natural elements on the surface of the national park is prohibited.
It is allowed at the Lainici campsite. Garbage bags will be removed from the surface of the park.
Riding the bike
It is allowed on public roads and on specially arranged routes.
It is a permitted activity in Defileul Jiului National Park and also a unique adventure.
Car access
The access of motorcycles and vehicles is illegal on forest roads, inside the forest or on mountain paths, with the exception of local residents, and for other people without the approval of the Administration.
It is allowed only in the equipped fireplaces, at the campsite. It is illegal to use wood from the forest for fire. Always make sure you have the necessary fire extinguishers!
Fishing is allowed on the course of the Jiu river on the territory of Defileul Jiului National Park, in compliance with the legislation in force.
In the mountains, your food must be properly stored. Do not leave food outside the vehicle or in the camping area, when you are out hiking or when you are sleeping, because this could attract uninvited visitors!
They are allowed on the territory of Defileul Jiului National Park; however, there are some restrictions in force (for their own safety). Either at the campsites or when accompanying you on a hike in the mountains, pets must be on a leash, as it is forbidden for them to walk freely through the forest or in the off the marked tourist trails. Do not forget that Defileul Jiului National Park is a natural area intended for wild animals, any interaction with domestic animals can have serious consequences, including the exchange of dangerous diseases such as rabies, rabies, etc.
Spotting wild animals with light beams
It is an illegal activity. Flashlights used at campsites, portable ones or various light beams from vehicles, should not be used to observe wildlife.
Loud noises
Producing loud noises in a manner that disturbs fauna or visitors is prohibited! Please keep quiet.
Hunting and weapons
Hunting is prohibited in Defileul Jiului National Park.
Attracting wild animals
It is illegal.


  • Wild animals, especially females with cubs, are unpredictable. Keep your distance from them. Use optical means (binoculars, scope) to observe them from a distance without disturbing them.
  • Do not approach wild animals that are injured or behaving abnormally.
  • It is illegal to feed and harass wild animals (this includes even feeding them ‘natural’ food, including gentle species such as squirrels or various birds).
  • Do not destroy their nests, places of shelter, places of watering, places of food.